About Us

St. Louis Ornamental and Turf Care is the subsidiary of M&P Landscaping, Meyer Tree Service, and Meyer Landscaping that takes care of the PHC applications your trees and shrubs as well as the turf maintenance applications for your lawn. We pride ourselves on being good stewards of the environment and our goal is to achieve the desired results with less pesticide usage and minimal impact on the beneficial insect populations.  With the advances in modern chemistry, our objectives can be accomplished with the use of insect growth regulators, various oils, and other reduced risk pesticides.

Our Mission

We strive to be your long term partner in the maintenance of your outdoor living space. We promise to treat your lawn and landscape as if it is our own and we will use every resource available in making sure your lawn and landscape survive and thrive in our challenging St. Louis climate.

Professional Team

 Specialized training for our staff and access to specialized equipment allows us to complete tasks with the most efficiency. We offer consultations from one of our four ISA certified Arborists and five Missouri           licensed pesticide applicators. 

Lawn Maintenance

With years of experience, the best equipment and efficient crews, we can offer you a high quality lawn maintenance service.

Need a better looking lawn?

Contact us today to learn more about our St. Louis ornamental and turf lawn care services.

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